A joint project of the Leibniz Institute for Spatial Social Research (IRS) and the Programmfabrik GmbH:

Now that the Leibniz Institute for Spatial Social Research (IRS) already operates a easydb to manage its own holdings, we are looking forward to another joint project:

With support from the "Innovation Program for Business Models and Pioneer Solutions (IGP)" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK), the IRS and Programmfabrik have been implementing the CitizenArchives project since December 2021.

The aim is to develop processes and a product for the simple digitization, indexing and publication of the holdings of smaller, specialized Archive , whose personnel and financial resources rarely permit comprehensive digitization.

By combining citizen science approaches with Semantic Web technologies, resources such as knowledge, commitment, and time of interested and expert users are to be gained and the indexing of collection holdings is to be included. In this way, previously inaccessible cultural treasures are to be lifted up and made usable for education, research and the public in the early stages of cataloguing. The result should be an unbureaucratically accessible open source product in the form of a central knowledge and communication platform with various additional modules, which enables both indexing work and moderation and quality control of acquired data and content.

The project is scheduled for two years and has been running since December 2021. You can see a summary of the planned steps on these slides: