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New customer: Zoological Research Museum Alexander König

Researching and explaining species diversity is the central task of the Alexander König Zoological Research Museum. Research focuses include collection-based zoological biodiversity research, systematics and phylogeny, biogeography, and molecular biology.

The Natural History Museum was opened in 1934. In 1948, it even became the birthplace of the Federal Republic of Germany, when the opening ceremony of the Parliamentary Council, which drafted the Basic Law, took place in the museum's atrium.

Today, the Natural History Museum houses 5.5 million individuals and is the Leibniz Institute for Animal Biodiversity. With easydb , the ZFMK is establishing a central management tool for the museum's media data. The project multimedia database was started with the data of the project GBOL - German Barcode of Life(www.bolgermany.de). A genetic reference library is being set up as part of the nationwide cooperation project. A contribution to the GBOL project can also be found in the ARD Mediathek.