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Digital Asset Management on the rise

Data management and backup are topics that are more topical than ever. Today, a good workflow includes the ability to provide and retrieve data anytime and anywhere. The development of web-based solutions allows cooperative work independent of time and place - which promotes international cooperation as well as competition enormously. As already described in the last article, companies can hardly afford to oversleep or even ignore this development without risking losing touch with the competition.

In February 2015, the American market research company MarketsAndMarkets published a study that estimates the growth of Digital Asset Management solutions at an annual rate of 28.7% until 2019. According to the report, the fact that the number of companies using these very systems to manage your data is not already higher is due to a lack of knowledge about Digital Asset Management .

This study is not intended to be evaluated at this point. However, the trend in this direction is also clearly discernible irrespective of this.