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SAGAFLOR AG supports its 800 member companies in their daily business with easydb .

"easydb is a very great and strong tool that meets all our requirements. The Programmfabrik team understands our needs and requirements and maintains a fair and binding interaction, as one would actually wish from all service providers." some art history institutes successfully work with it."

Stefan Schmidt, Project Manager Image Database SAGAFLOR AG



  • In use since mid-2012
  • Users:75 internal users800 partner and franchisees
  • Assets / Images: Over 50,000
  • Departments:Marketing and sales

easydb Variant and modules

  • easydb.digitalasset
  • Authentication: LDAP / AD
  • PermaLinks
  • Import from CSV & XML
  • Activity Log

Other services

  • Workshop
  • Requirements specification
  • Customizing
  • Metadata import, migration
  • Custom programming
  • Installation
  • Training

Challenge: simple handling of complex applications

For almost 50 years, SAGAFLOR AG has been an association of independent garden and pet retail companies. For its members, it not only represents a strong purchasing power, it also supplies participants with image material for marketing activities, which is made available via the extranet. While an intuitive solution that helps them focus on their core business is important for end users, those responsible at SAGAFLOR faced the challenge of mapping extremely complex business processes with a flexible and powerful database system that fits into existing processes. Solution: easydb.digitalasset

Already in the preliminary research, easydb stood out as a possible solution. Exclusion criteria such as automatic calculation of various image sizes and file formats and an interface to Typo3 were met by easydb as standard. The additional functions were also quickly convincing: via PermaLinks, all images for the online store, the checkout monitor and the live animal labeling system are now provided from easydb . The benefits are obvious: end users optimize their internal processes, reduce incorrect labeling through visual product verification, and can provide their graphic designers with image material in the required resolution. Even shelf replenishment is planned from easydb !

Frontend: Search & Find

  • Right: Search result of a search in pool "BELLANDRIS" in the representation "Mini
  • Left: Image and dataset in detail view

Business processes supported by PermaLinks:

  • Constant updating of product images in the online store
  • Interface to SAP
  • Product images in the checkout monitor as a control instance
  • Planning of the shelf superstructures with easydb
  • Significant time savings for end users

Why easydb?

  • Interface to Typo3
  • Interface to SAP
  • Automatic calculation of various image and file formats
  • Supply of the online store
  • Interface to the cash register monitor
  • Use of easydb content inlive animal labeling.
  • Completely web-based application

Case study as PDF

Making curated knowledge accessible for generations

Seit 15 Jahren sind wir mit easydb innovativer Pionier im Bereich web-basierter Medien-Repositorien. Zusammen mit der neusten Version fylr, dem Nachfolger von easydb 5, vertrauen Kunden in über 200 Installationen auf unsere Erfahrung und unser Know-how. Aufgrund des wissenschaftsnahen und individuellen Ansatzes, ist das System besonders in Bildungs- und Forschungseinrichtungen etabliert und bisher in über 50 Pressestellen unverzichtbar geworden.

Unser Expertenteam steht Ihnen für Ihre individuellen Anfragen zur Verfügung.