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Cross-departmental collaboration through location-independent image management

“We are thrilled that with easydb we have found a tool that effectively connects our departments. Image research is easy, quick and visually appealing.”

Melanie Bobik, Marketing Manager, ESMT European School of Management and Technology, Berlin

ESMT European School of Management and Technology

The ESMT European School of Management and Technology is an international private university with doctoral degrees. The business school's headquarters are in Berlin. Another location is Schloss Gracht near Cologne. Commercial , ESMT offers English-language full-time and part-time Executive MBA courses, an Executive MBA/MPA course, a Master in Management course and Management training in English and German.

Introduction of a web-based image database

ESMT's diverse communication and marketing activities are located in three different departments. In order to optimally connect all of these departments, make the best possible use of images and marketing materials and make them available to employees, ESMT decided in 2015 to create a database to manage digital media.

The choice fell on easydb because the software is web-based and ready for use without any installation effort. easydb meets all ESMT requirements and offers the convenience of expanding the database with additional features and modules if necessary.

Images from different departments for a variety of purposes

The first phase planned to provide around 2,000 images from all departments. In the medium and long term, the plan is to transfer the entire image archive, which includes several thousand digital images, into the easydb database. The material is used for communication and marketing purposes in the online and offline areas as well as for presentations and courses.

The primary intention of connecting departments and locations and simplifying data exchange by introducing a central image database was successfully realized with easydb . The team now has the ability to access and use all imagery from all departments.

By uploading them directly to the database, the images are immediately available to all employees. The provision of the files is guaranteed by the respective department heads. The revision and final release of the images is carried out by the main administrators for easydb .

Categories and keywords for effective image research

The structure of the categories in easydb is based on the proven classification of files on the local ESMT system. The images are carefully indexed in the database. This means that even distributed holdings, for example from different years, can be easily found on specific topics. This means that the stock of images can be searched even without knowing the context in which they were created. The usage rights are stored for all images and access for users is defined by rights management . This ensures that images are used in a legally compliant manner and that there are no long communication channels to clarify rights.

Sustainable data backup

Photos, images and other media are not only valuable material for use in marketing, press and public relations as well as in teaching, but also contemporary historical documents that reflect the development and identity of the ESMT European School of Management and Technology The main campus is located in the former GDR State Council building in Berlin. Through web-based management of images, they can be backed up long-term and regardless of location. Storing structured metadata also secures valuable Info about the image and enables simple and intuitive research. This means that colleagues will be able to effectively use the full potential of the image material in the future.

Photo of image research with easydb from Programmfabrik
Expert search : Targeted research by combining or narrowing down search queries. Zoom function: Detailed view of Search results
Photo image download with easydb from Programmfabrik
By defining different download variants, images are available directly in the commonly used formats and resolutions.
Photo of metadata Management with easydb from Programmfabrik
Metadata: Display of keywords and categories for catalog research. The number behind it indicates how many images are linked dam it.

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Making curated knowledge accessible for generations

easydb an innovative pioneer in the area of ​​web-based media repositories for 15 years Together with the latest version fylr , the successor to easydb 5, customers rely on our experience and know-how in over 200 installations. Due to the science-oriented and individual approach, the system is particularly established in educational and research institutions and has so far become indispensable in over 50 press offices.

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