Assignment for job application
Backend Developer

Write a Python program which flattens JSON input as follows:

  • Filename of JSON – file should be passed to the program on the command line
  • The JSON input can be any valid JSON
  • The output of the program should be a flattened version of the JSON input

The input could look like this:

„format“: „long“,
„type“: „objects“,
„offset“: 0,
„limit“: 10,
„facets“: {},
„objecttypes“: [
„language“: „de-DE“,
„count“: 2,
„took“: 165,
„objects“: [
„_acl“: [
„_id“: 1335359,
„date_created“: „2016-08-22T19:26:10+02:00“,
„who“: {


Output should look like this:

data.format = „long“
data.type = „objects“
data.objects[0]._acl[0]._id = 1335359
data.objects[0]._acl[0].date_created = „2016…“

  • So the output has only one level of key = value pairs
  • If you like you can add an option for HTMLized output

Please create a public repository (e.g. and send us the link with your CV to