easydb is modern technology for building relational databases. Different concepts for different application scenarios can be modeled via the front end.

What is easydb ?

easydb is a flexibly configurable standard software for implementing object-relational database concepts. easydb is used for the structured management of metadata and files. Working with the software is 100% web-based. esaydb is used as indexing, research and portal software.

What technology does easydb use?

easydb is based, among other things, on the open source components Linux, PostgreSQL, Apache and Elasticsearch. Using the flexible data model, instances are defined according to individual requirements. The data model can be created via a graphical front end.

easydb consists of two server components that can be installed on different servers and the easydb web frontend as the third main component. easydb runs on common Linux distributions and is delivered with Docker. To use easydb users can use common web browsers. It is recommended to use the most current version.

Technical structure of easydb

easydb Asset Server (EAS) API a distributable storage system with HTTP API and JSON output without a graphical frontend. EAS is primarily written in Python. The EAS stores all file formats and can create derivative versions of most of them. The EAS can be stored locally as well as via SAS or NAS.

easydb Server is a C++ server with a Python plugin extension. The HTTP Restful API Restful API accessed via it.

easydb Webfrontend is an HTML5/Javascript application written in Coffeescript and Javascript. All features of the server can be used with the frontend.

Elasticsearch is used for Search . The index for this is based on a SQL data copy. To increase performance, Elasticsearch can be installed on multiple machines.

Special Features | USP

RESTful API : Using open interfaces, easydb be expanded and refined through individual developments.

Plugin Support : easydb can be expanded via plugins as required. The documentation contains an overview of paid and open source plugins.

Github Repository: easydb developer platform through which all open source tools for easydb are made available for use and further development.

Documentation : Freely accessible online documentation on the use and technology of easydb .

easydb 5 white paper

All Info about easydb technology and the basic functions can be read, downloaded and printed out as a PDF.