Ticket system

The ticket system is a service from the Programmfabrik . It is used for all Support requests and guarantees that we can quickly provide you with a solution.

In the ticket system you can…

  • Create new tickets to report problems
  • View existing tickets and use them to communicate with our team
  • Mark processed tickets as “completed from your point of view”.

Their ticket system is at the URL http tickets . programmfabrik available . To log in, please use your customer ID and your customer password.

In the customer portal you will also find instructions on how to use the ticket system, access your easydb s and the easydb documentation and - if available - access your customer wiki.

If your ticket system cannot be accessed, please contact our Support .

There is no cost to create a ticket. If your ticket contains service-related problems and inquiries, you will receive an estimate of the costs involved in advance. The services are only subject to payment after the order has been placed.

Your ticket system – error messages

Please use our ticket system for all Support requests. Dam guarantees that we can quickly provide you with a solution.

To create a ticket to report a bug:

1. To create a new ticket, please click on “New Ticket”. The “Summary” and “Description” fields are available to describe your request. Use the checkbox “I have files to attach to this ticket” to add screenshots or other files as attachments. info other colleagues about the ticket , please add their email address (comma-separated) in the “CC” field.

Use the “Create Ticket” button to create the ticket. To confirm, you (and your colleagues) will receive an email from the ticket system. If we have responded to your ticket, you will be info again by email.

To ensure efficient processing of bugs and error reports, we ask you a ticket for each problem and take the following points into account:

  • Please describe the path to the problem .
  • Please describe the incorrect behavior .
  • Please describe the expected behavior .
  • screenshot if possible .
  • In which browser and in which browser version did the problem occur?
  • On which operating system and in which operating system version did the problem occur?
  • Can you reproduce the problem on your production environment ?
  • You can fix the problem on your customer test environment on our server (.demo. easydb .de) reproduce?

2. To view your existing tickets, please click on “View Tickets” and then on one of the available reports. You open a ticket by clicking on the “Summary” or the ticket number. In the ticket you can communicate with us about the reported concern. By setting the status “customer_feed feed ” and clicking on “Submit Changes”, you save your entries in the ticket and assign it to one of our employees.

If we have questions about reported problems or offer you a paid adjustment, we set the ticket status to “waiting_for_customer” or “order_pending”. The report “Tickets I need to respond to” shows you an overview of these tickets.

3. If an existing ticket is completed from your perspective , please set it to the status “customer_ok” in the “Modify Ticket” area.

your email address via the “Preferences” on the “General” tab.

If your ticket system cannot be accessed, please contact our Support .

Defect classification

Basically, it is important to distinguish between three different defects or errors

  • Operational hindrance – if the use of easydb is impossible or severely restricted
  • operationally disruptive – if the use of easydb is significantly restricted
  • slight defects - if the use of easydb is possible with slight restrictions

An accumulation of minor defects that leads to a significant restriction in the use of easydb may also be classified as hindering operations.

Programmfabrik processes the requests as quickly as possible and also takes into account the order of their urgency.