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Reliable availability of regional to international images and videos

“Our end users and administrators really value easydb ! It is logically structured and clearly structured. By saving time when using it, we process significantly more inquiries.”

Dieter Knauß, documentation, LMZ Baden-Württemberg


Key facts

  • In use since 2008
  • Users: 100
  • 140,000 images
  • 3,500 videos
  • Departments: media distribution, press and public relations and source for teaching materials
  • Project duration: 14 months
  • Media shop: http s://

easydb variant and modules

  • easydb . digitalasset
  • easyshop
  • GPS module
  • multimedia
  • presentations
  • Activity Log
  • XML exporter
  • CSV importer
  • Connector

Additional Services

  • Customizing/Installation
  • training
  • Maintenance contract
  • Update contract
  • Service account

Challenge: A stable and secure system with an SAP interface

Before the Baden-Württemberg State Media Center decided to use easydb , the worst case scenario occurred: the image management provider dam was insolvent and bugs could no longer be fixed. There was a data loss. Reason enough to take a close look at the tender. The Programmfabrik was selected from over ten applicants. The central requirement was a stable and secure system with an interface to SAP.

Solution: easydb . digitalasset

Today the LMZ uses two easydb : The regular inventory is stored internally via easydb . digitalasset is developed and managed. With the connector, teachers use media research from 3 databases. The geo-data module can be used to display the locations where images were taken on a map. Part of the inventory can be researched openly on the Internet via the media shop and can be viewed in low resolution with watermarks. To access the high-resolution images, you must register in the shop. These can then be activated through a direct debit payment process.

Screenshot easydb Digital Asset Management from Programmfabrik for Baden-Württemberg

Search in the media shop

  • Design in LMZ design
  • Left: Filtering with facet research
  • Full-text Search with autocompletion
  • Search result: Separation of found categories and media
  • Below: Preview protected by watermark
  • Top right: possibility to register and log in


  • Secure management of all media: images and videos
  • Internal organization and external research and shop system
  • In the external media shop: connection to a direct debit payment system
  • Meets national standards: easydb interfaces to SAP and the LEO portal • Simple data export to third-party systems via the easydb connector
  • Open access to the LMZ inventory through intuitive research tools

Why easydb ?

  • All media in one system
  • Open source and Linux based
  • SAP interface
  • LEO portal connection
  • Extensive experience in handling scientific/university data
  • Clear structure
  • Strong rights management
  • Ticket system for Support

Case study as PDF

Making curated knowledge accessible for generations

easydb an innovative pioneer in the area of ​​web-based media repositories for 15 years Together with the latest version fylr , the successor to easydb 5, customers rely on our experience and know-how in over 200 installations. Due to the science-oriented and individual approach, the system is particularly established in educational and research institutions and has so far become indispensable in over 50 press offices.

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