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University of Applied Arts Vienna

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Management of high-resolution images in all departments of an international art university

“Our image database is easy to use for students and
greatly reduces the workload for teachers when creating PowerPoint presentations. It makes it possible to build a research base for research!”

Katharina Jesberger, University of Applied Arts, Department of Art History


Key facts

  • In use since 2009
  • Users: Students and teachers from all departments
  • Images: approx. 14,000

easydb variant and modules

  • presentations
  • Powerpoint Exporter
  • Connector
  • Mass importer
  • CSV importer
  • LDAP

Additional Services

  • Creation of specifications
  • Remote installation

From the analogue to the digital library

The University of Applied Arts Vienna is one of the most renowned training centers for design courses in the world and looks back on a long tradition of prominent teachers and graduates, with names ranging from Oskar Kokoschka to Karl Lagerfeld. Disciplines such as art studies, art education or restoration rely on high-quality image material with a powerful zoom function that can be used both on the screen and in the lecture hall. The replacement of the analogue library took place gradually.

easydb meets high standards

In every department at an art college, the image is the focus of teaching and research. This makes it all the more important to provide students and teachers with high-resolution, comprehensively tagged images. The main focus of the image collection is on works of art from classical modernism to the present. Research partners are used for images from other eras. Initial experiences with an image composite proved to be insufficient because the resolution did not meet scientific requirements. Therefore, they decided on, which many professors were already familiar with from other universities. Today, the Angewandte has joined forces with several international universities to form a network that jointly manages an inventory of almost one million image objects.

Screenshot from easydb-university at the University of Applied Arts

Research mask and search results:

  • Full-text search across all fields
  • Autocomplete search query
  • Example: Standard view with title, artist and preview


  • Meeting scientific standards
  • easydb is the leading system in the German-speaking university landscape 
  • Networking with partner universities via the easydb module connector
  • Use in the lecture hall: Comparative presentations and export in PPT format
  • Short project duration

Why easydb?

  • Web based
  • Intuitive handling
  • High image quality and color fidelity
  • Zoomer for detailed views
  • Strong connector network
  • Standard system

Case study as PDF

Making curated knowledge accessible for generations

With easydb we have been an innovative pioneer in the area of ​​web-based media repositories for 15 years. Together with the latest version fylr , the successor to easydb 5, customers rely on our experience and know-how in over 200 installations. Due to the science-oriented and individual approach, the system is particularly established in educational and research institutions and has so far become indispensable in over 50 press offices.

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