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University of Augsburg opens a api of press history with easydb

A groundbreaking project at the University of Augsburg promises to unearth a true treasure of German and European newspaper history. Dr. Martin Welke, a press historian, has compiled an extensive collection of exhibits over five decades. In collaboration with the German Newspaper museum Foundation, this unique collection is now being scientifically researched. The cooperation is financially supported by the Free State of Bavaria and the city of Augsburg. In the medium term, this could mean the creation of a center for historical press research at the University of Augsburg, which could develop appeal throughout Germany.

A collection of 500 years of newspaper history

The collection spans a period of around 500 years, starting with the first periodical newspaper prints up to the present. Thanks to funding totaling 350,000 euros, this historical treasure is now being appropriately examined and prepared for future research, teaching and Museum projects.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Bellingradt, visiting professor at the Institute for European Cultural History at the University of Augsburg, leads the project. He explains that the collection will be specifically processed over the next three years and made available for a variety of usage contexts.

Technological progress through easydb for digital archiving and cataloging

As a decisive technological advance, our software easydb plays a key role here. The University of Augsburg has already had positive experiences with easydb since 2020 and therefore also used our proven solution for the newspaper museum .

Since March 2023, easydb precise archiving and cataloging of historical documents and objects. The metadata model developed by the University of Augsburg was successfully implemented. 518 data sets have now been uploaded, mostly containing historical newspaper clippings. In addition, the Deutsches Zeitungsmuseum project uses museum authority GND (Common Authority File) and CERL (Consortium of European Research Libraries) connected easydb to further optimize its work.


GND is a German standards database of the German National Library that standardizes Info about people, organizations, places and works. It enables the unique identification and linking of bibliographic data in various library catalogs and databases.


CERL is a European organization that promotes collaboration between research libraries. It maintains a standards database for historical prints and manuscripts in European libraries to facilitate access to these valuable resources and support the preservation of cultural heritage.

Reach a wide audience

The university collaboration with easydb opens up the possibility of making historical treasures accessible for research, teaching and the general public. It will be an exciting journey into the world of press history, in which our software plays a central role and the University of Augsburg consolidates its place as a leading institution in the field of historical press research.

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