Vector Info rmatik GmbH with orange overlay for the successful introduction of the fylr software from Programmfabrik

Programmfabrik and DAM United AG: Joint success at Vector Info rmatik GmbH

Modernization of Digital Asset Management at Vector

Vector Info rmatik GmbH , a global Commercial in the automotive industry, needed an improved solution for Management digital assets. Since 2018, Vector has been using the CELUM system provided by DAM United. In 2023, Commercial decided to modernize its Digital Asset Management ( DAM ) system.

Programmfabrik partner DAM United AG

DAM United AG specializes in manufacturer-independent consulting in the area of DAM Digital Asset Management for Commercial . Since 2018, she has been working in an integration partnership with Programmfabrik implement complex projects with easydb and its successor fylr

System change and migration

DAM commercial partner of Programmfabrik , recommended switching to our easydb release fylr . The move was made to implement DAM The transition affected around 30,000 assets, including images, icons and multimedia elements.

Solution by fylr

fylr software was chosen because it offers a Cloud -based Digital Asset Management solution with a full range of functions and short release times. fylr 's user-friendly and individually customizable user interface enables Vector's approximately 4,000 employees to make and organize precise image selections. Images can be sorted into folders, given additional functions and shared with internal or external users. fylr also offers the ability to quickly filter, watermark, and make images available specifically for specific customers or account managers

Migration and graduation

The asset transfer was completed within one quarter. DAM United carried out the analysis, definition of new object types and metadata fields as well as the semi-automated transfer. DAM received training on how to optimally use fylr .

Customer feed

The project was completed successfully and on time, with Vector highlighting the seamless migration and improved user interface.


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Cover image from VectorCampus Stuttgart Weilimdorf, author: Marc Gilardone.” Available at: Wikimedia Commons