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University of Heidelberg

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HeidICON at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg

Information sheet about HeidICON

“After careful consideration and comparisons, easydb was also rated as the most suitable in the university library and it was decided to introduce it.”

Dr. Maria Effinger and Dr. Thomas Wolf


Key facts

  • in use since 2005
  • Users: approx. 10,000
  • Images: 230,000 (as of mid-2012)
  • Faculties: Nine
  • 30% of the inventory publicly available on the Internet, guest access:

Institutes and departments

  • University library
  • medicine
  • Communication and Marketing
  • East Asian Studies
  • archeology
  • Egyptology
  • East Asian studies
  • Art history
  • Other special research areas

Modules and functions

  • Creator
  • presentations
  • XML & CSV exporter
  • Multimedia & Office data
  • WSDL interface
  • Shibboleth
  • LDAP

initial situation

Heidelberg University is one of the oldest and most renowned universities in the world and, with 30,000 students, twelve faculties and three clusters of excellence, is a leader in almost all areas of teaching and research.

The impulse came from art history: a digital library should be introduced, but isolated solutions had to be avoided. All relevant institutes took part in the evaluation. Since the requirements of archaeology, Egyptology or medicine are very different, a flexible data model and front end was the decisive selection criterion.

HeidICON with

In addition to flexibility, the normative data, a uniform vocabulary for image indexing, rights management and the creation of user groups were particularly crucial for the decision-making process. The choice fell on It has been constantly expanding since 2005: a wide variety of faculties and departments now manage more than 225,000 pieces of content (as of September 2012). The university library is in charge, where easydb is also hosted.

Rights management can be used to determine exactly which user has access to which content. Picture folders can be created for use in seminars, user groups can be created or sensitive research results can be managed in a protected manner in easydb.

Screenshot: Search result and detailed view

  • Login as a guest
  • Search for “Großsachsenstein” in the “Kirchenburgen” pool
  • Marking and hit selection in the search results
  • Easy download via button in the detailed view


  • A solution for all faculties
  • High flexibility in the data model and interface
  • Easy access for all students through the LDAP connection
  • Multilingual frontend: German and English
  • UTF-8 for Japanese, Chinese and Arabic characters

Case study as PDF

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