Cloud sight

What is Cloud sight?

Cloud sight is an advanced platform focused on artificial intelligence (AI) with a focus on computer vision and image recognition. It enables machines to “see” and understand images using complex algorithms and learning processes.

Areas of application

  • E-commerce: Improves product search and recognition through image upload.
  • Advertising and Media: Optimizes content categorization and audience targeting.
  • Entertainment: Offers innovative solutions for interactive media.
  • Assistive technologies: Supports the visually impaired through image description and recognition.


  • Complex Understanding: Goes beyond traditional image recognition by understanding complex scenes and contexts.
  • Continuous Improvement: Leverages machine learning and a network of human collaborators to continually improve its AI models.
  • Wide range of applications: Offers wide applications in various sectors through advanced image analysis.


Cloud sight integrates advanced machine learning techniques and combines automated systems with human Feed to continuously improve the precision and efficiency of image recognition. The platform not only recognizes objects in images, but also interprets complex visual data to provide nuanced and detailed insights.


Cloud sight offers research institutes, Archive , libraries and museums an advanced solution for analyzing and interpreting their digital collections. With a focus on computer vision and image recognition, Cloud sight enables precise identification and processing of images, significantly improving the efficiency of searching and managing collections. From cataloging to enriching exhibition content, Cloud sight supports the digital management and research of cultural heritage.