Cooperative associations

Mergers and collaborations

In German-speaking countries, common interests are pursued in topic- and subject-area-related associations, alliances, cooperations and interest groups. These include

Library associations

Numerous academic libraries are affiliated with one of the six regional network systems. These are:

German Museum Association

The German Museum Association was founded in 1917 and is a nationwide association of all museums. The Museum Association works through the board, the office as well as specialist groups and working groups.

digis – Digitalization Service Berlin

digis is the digitization service point of the state of Berlin and is located at the Konrad Zuse Center for Info Technology Berlin ( ZIB ). The facility oversees the digitalization funding program, which was established in 2012. digis is funded by the Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs and supports funded cultural institutions as an advisory and coordination point.

VÖBB – Association of Berlin Public Libraries

The Association of Berlin Public Libraries is a joint project of the 12 Berlin districts, the Berlin Central and State Library Foundation ( ZLB ) and the Senate Department for Science, Research and Culture. The library network includes 75 libraries, 10 mobile libraries and 5 school libraries.

ICOM – International Council of Museum

The International Museum Council ICOM (International Council of Museum ) is committed to “preserving, maintaining and communicating the cultural and natural world heritage”. ICOM pursues this mission in the interests of society to promote intercultural dialogue and in cooperation with UNESCO.

The German National Committee of the International Museum Council ICOM Germany e. V. represents the interests of museums and Museum professionals at state level.