Image database

What is an image database?

An image database is database-based software for managing, archiving, researching and viewing images.

Areas of application

Image databases are used by a wide variety of users . Large amounts of images are managed, for example, by Commercial companies, museums, universities, photo agencies and public institutions. The areas of application are just as variable, such as press and public relations, marketing, collection management, shops, image stores, media libraries, etc.

How many images does it make sense to use an image database?

An exact number cannot be determined because many different factors influence this question. In principle, however, the following applies: The use of an image database always makes sense if researching images without any aids takes a disproportionately long time. The number of users who have access to the data can also be a crucial factor. If the images and media are supplied from different sources and users and different users from different departments or locations need access to the data, an image database is a useful solution for managing data in a structured and central manner.